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MoeBot mowers

We are the agents for MoeBot robotic mowers.

There are two models:

S5 - will mow up to 600sqm with a 1 hour cutting

S10 - will mow up to 1400sqm with a 2 hour cutting time

The specifications for both models are exactly the same except for the battery size. The larger battery increases the maximum cutting area and cutting time.

The battery can always be up or down graded.

We supply you with a full installation kit:

  • MoeBot robot mower

  • Docking station

  • Docking station screws

  • Allen key spanner

  • 100m of boundary wire

  • 100 pegs

  • Power Pack

  • 9 blades

  • Wire connectors

  • MoeBot APP manual

  • MoeBot Instruction manual

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