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Black Bark Mulch

Black mulch is made from both hardwood and soft wood recycled material. See the data sheet below for more information.


  • Mulch Reduces Weeds. lessen the amount of weeding work you have to do in your garden by putting down mulch. .

  • Mulch Encourages Earthworms. Organic mulch encourages earthworms to move in. ...

  • Mulch Protects Against Temperature Changes. ...

  • Mulch Retains Water. ...

  • Mulch Adds Nutrients. ...

  • Mulch Helps Prevent Erosion.

  • Mulch, such as Softfall can be a soft landing under play equipment.

Inorganic mulch such as weed matting may reduce weeding even more and if overlaid with organic mulch retains the above benefits.

Black Bark Data Sheet

Black Mulch.jpg
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